France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 5

Well, I'm just going to get right to it...I went to the ER on Friday because my eyes were bleeding. Turns out that was the part I didn't need to worry about. I had been sick all week, and apparently it turned into bronchitis. I have antibiotics and what not, so it's not a big deal. So back to the cool part, between the membrane and sclera (white part of the eye) there are blood vessels, and if you cough too hard, or something like that you can burst them from pressure. Well Friday morning at 2:44 a.m.  I couldn't breathe because of the huge amount of phlegm in my throat, so I spent the next 2 hours coughing, spitting, sneezing, vomiting, gagging -- pretty much anything you can do with your face -- and I still didn't get it all up. Later that afternoon, I had another little attack, but not nearly as severe, but this time it burst blood vessels in both eyes. It didn't hurt, but it looked more than a little disturbing. My companion and the other elders in my district were at class, and I was in the residence hall with another sick elder who was completely out, so I just sat and waited until class was over at 8:15. As soon as they got back my companion and I decided we should go to the ER because the clinic was closed. So a security guard drove us to the ER at like 8:30.  It was sooo nice to be out of the MTC and see the real world! We even got to see two super cute babies at the ER. Anyway, "the bleeding, while ugly, is harmless" (from my discharge papers). So for the next couple weeks I'll have pools of blood in my eyes, and they can even change colors (They're already starting to look a little yellow). 

This morning the district that was here when we arrived left. It was weird saying goodbye to all of those wonderful elders because I grew really close to a couple of them while we were sharing our "sick days," but it's good that they're finally starting their service. We had 8 missionaries leave today, and tomorrow we'll be receiving 19. So we'll have a lot of newbies! But it'll be awesome to see how overwhelmed and stressed we were when we got here :) haha

Not much else has happened this week because I have pretty much just stayed in the residence hall, so this'll be it for this week.

I love you all so much!!

Elder Jorgensen

I almost forgot! Elder Durant took the missionary game back old school and was preaching in his Moses garb (sheets and blankets). That was an interesting night...

Also, here are some pics of my eye... Enjoy! :)

Elder Jorgensen

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