France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 6

6 Days!!!! We got our travel plans on Halloween, so here's what's up:
Monday morning (Nov 10th) at 11:30 we leave the MTC and go to the Salt Lake Airport where our direct flight to Paris leaves at 5:30, and we'll arrive in the early afternoon. 

This past week has been pretty cool. Elder Williams and I have both been in class, and have begun teaching again. Our lessons were a little rough because we haven't taught together in almost two weeks. In the last one (yesterday) I didn't feel like I had the Spirit at all which was really weird because I have never felt closer to God than I do right now, but there was a reason. Elder Williams was having some doubts in his testimony and I was feeling a little insecure in my abilities, and our teacher/investigator could definitely feel like something was off and so we had a little vent session where I learned of the struggles Elder Williams was facing. That night our other teacher gave all of us some personal/companionship time to really talk with the Lord and receive personal revelation. So, we took some time individually and together praying intently to feel and know that God was here with us, that He loved us, and that we would have His support. I received a resounding answer in the affirmative of all three, and most of my personal prayers were in behalf of Elder Williams. He still hasn't had the answer he's been looking for, but we are trying.

Today has been amazing! Early morning session at the Temple and as always the peace and joy I feel there is indescribable, and then we just got back from a BYU Devotional that the MTC was invited to by Elder David F. Evans of the First Quorum of the Seventy. Wow! He spoke of tenacity in doing what was right and setting goals in life that are in harmony with the Gospel, and help you progress to the ultimate goal of eternal life in the presence of God. Because it was a BYU Devotional there was a lot mentioned about family and marriage, and he mentioned the talk in this last general conference by Tad R. Callister where he (Brother Callister) learned the importance of praying to find a good spouse. Also, he mentioned a quote by President Monson that goes something like this,"To those who have not yet entered the temple, or to those that have been, but do not currently hold a temple recommend, the greatest and most important goal in your life is to obtain a temple recommend and receive the blessings of the temple. Do whatever is necessary to become worthy to enter the House of the Lord. Change your life so that you can worthily maintain a temple recommend." (That was from memory, so it isn't exactly accurate. I suggest looking up that talk and studying it for yourself) I testify as a representative of Jesus Christ that this counsel from our beloved prophet is true. The temple will bless your life and the lives of all those you love more than anything else in this world.

As I have been praying more than I ever have in my life these past few weeks, I have realized why I'm really here. This mission isn't about me at all. I have been humbled to the point of tears, and have begun to see people the way our Heavenly Father sees them. All I want to do is allow everyone I meet to have the opportunity to feel the love and experience the blessings that my Heavenly Father has given me.

I love each of you so much and I feel your support, love, and prayers. Thank you.

Elder Jorgensen

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