France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 9

Just a note from Elder Jorgensen's mom:  There are approximately 274 missionaries in the France Paris Mission.
I just want to say that the cutest thing ever is a little kid speaking French! Yesterday was the Primary Program in our ward, and all of the kids were sooo funny and cute. When they sang I love to see the temple, the Spirit was felt so powerfully!
Anyway, last week I forgot to talk about Church so here we go. I LOVE our ward! We have a great mix between young and old people, and everyone is warm and welcoming. The old guys here are just funny old men. Some of the things we talk about in priesthood and gospel doctrine class just cracks me up. Also, every week at least one of the members brings us a box of food. Like this past Sunday we had apples, candy bars, pasta, sausage, milk, and eggs. It's so awesome! Oh and speaking of Church, my trainer volunteered me to give a 10-15 minute talk on Dec. I've already started writing it all out so I can practice the French before then! Haha

So this past Thursday we traveled  to Paris for a conference with the entire mission (which has never been done before). Elder Cook of the Twelve came with his wife and the Area President of Western Europe and his wife to talk with our mission. Even cooler than that, he wanted to shake the hand of every missionary here, so I shook Elder Cook's hand! By the way, he's 74! He looks more like 65ish. Anyway it was such an amazing experience and I learned so much.
Tomorrow we have exchanges for the first time with our district leader and his companion which will be super fun. Wednesday we're having our first meal with a member. His family lives about 45 minutes away from La Rochelle (where our apartment and the Church is) so he's going to pick us up, then we'll take a train back (we ride trains a lot btw). Then Thursday is our weekly district meeting in a town about 2 hours away (which is why we ride trains a lot). It also just happens to be our district's Thanksgiving meal! The Fitt's (senior missionary couple) are cooking turkey and stuffing and then each companionship is bringing a side/dessert. Elder Godfrey and I got lucky because we just have to bring drinks!

Anyway, as far as the work goes, we continue to see miracles almost daily. It's a lot of hard work and rejection, but it's so worth it and I love it so much. BTW I've been doing a lot of studying in "Jesus the Christ" by Talmage. I encourage all of you to try utilize it. You can learn so much about the Savior! (a little warning the first bit is a little dry)
I have to write my President Babin now, so I'll close this email with this thought: "You will find great joy if you give your whole heart to the Savior" -- Sister Babin

Love you all!

Elder Bronson Jorgensen

Missionaries in the Paris France Mission gather to hear Elder Quentin L. Cook speak during November 2014 visit to the Church's Europe Area. (IRI)

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