France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 90

Well my goal this last week was to work hard enough and well enough that God wouldn't want to transfer me.....I did it! But unfortunately God still transferred me... but I'm pretty sure He didn't want to ;)
Haha so this week I was on FIRE!!! We do split contacting quite often (where we contact separately in a plaza thing or something, but still within sight and sound) and for an example of how on fire I am: in 30 minutes of contacting on a Sunday afternoon I taught three people and 2 of them gave me their numbers so we could meet again. Now don't worry, I'm not getting proud ;) I'm very grateful for the success Heavenly Father has been giving me, and I'm only able to do these things because I'm trying really hard to be close to Him and the Spirit :)
We taught a super dope young African family that I contacted last week, and during our lesson he explained how when I went up to them he was not in the mood to be accosted by someone and how he wanted to keep saying no to me, but for some reason he felt "taped down". He told us they couldn't move, and that now they are so happy they are starting to meet with us.
Samra passed her Baptismal interview!!! This coming Saturday (25th) Eddine will be baptizing her! I won't be there to confirm her like she wanted, but she is SO excited to be baptized :) She was just beaming at church this week!
We went to the Furtado's this week and were finally able to teach their friends, Tanya and Carlos. We taught about what our goal was as missionaries and how the Book of Mormon could help them to find true faith in Jesus Christ. They committed to start reading together, and they even asked the Furtado's for a paper copy this weekend (they had downloaded it on their phones) :)
We also saw the Mir family again, and the Meunier's (president Babin's other daughter and son in law), and another family. #4 dinner appointments this week!
This Sunday I got to give a testimony/goodbye talk in church. I almost completely broke down. I love this ward so much! It feels like home... After sacrament meeting there were a couple members almost in tears. Bishop Boisserie came up to me and kept thanking me for all that I did to help the ward and for all that I taught him. Then he gave one of the biggest hugs I've ever gotten! After our weekly missionary meeting frere Vendassi did pretty much the same thing as Bishop. Then frere Furtado did the same thing. And the feeling was mutual for me. I have become the best missionary I've ever been because of my time here in √Čvry. There were a few sisters that were trying really hard not to hug me. There were a lot of sad members this Sunday.
So unfortunately I won't be staying with Elder Tarbet. That is one of the hardest parts of this transfer. We didn't have a single disagreement the entire transfer, and we worked so well together. To illustrate this point in these 6 weeks we taught at least 236 lessons together. I hadn't taught that many lessons in my entire mission combined!! We have Samra getting baptized and Raphael with a date in July, plus a ton of solid young families we're starting to teach. The Lord truly did bless us and our sector the last 6 weeks.
And the future will be great :) I have received a spiritual confirmation that this transfer is the will of God. I'm going to Namur in Belgium. I'm replacing my old comp Elder Libby who just finished training. So I'll be with Elder Anderson who's in his 3rd transfer. Apparently they've been in a rough patch the last couple weeks (they only taught 1 street lesson this week). So I'm going in there with the intention of turning things around and passing to Elder Anderson all the knowledge I've gotten this last transfer on how to get lessons with people and get them interested to learn more. It'll be a fun adventure, but it's weird to know where I'll be finishing my mission....AHH!!!
Bonne semaine, Je vous aime 


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