France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 88

Merci à mon collègue qui a tenu un compte de combien de semaines il est en mission (94) parce que j'avais simplement besoin de soustraire 6 semaines ;) haha
Thank you to my colleague who held an account of how many weeks it is on a mission (94) because I just needed to subtract 6 weeks ;)
This Tuesday we had our finding day for the transfer. The ZL's and STL's came in as well so we had 5 solid companionships ready to work hard and see miracles. Unfortunately Satan didn't want us to ucceed...Remember last week when I talked about the crazy rain? Well that's been continuing all this week as well. It got so bad that the Seine has been flooding in locations all over the Paris region, there have been train stations flooded and mud problems. In short it's been a pain in the butt all week. In addition, France recently passed a new work law that allows employers to make people work longer than 35 hours a week(because that's super long...), and makes it easier to fire bad workers... Well the French unions are NOT happy about it. There have been strikes and protests the entire week. This plus the rain has pretty much crippled the Paris area. For example this weekend there wasn't a single train that passed through Évry. So, all this was going down on the day we were supposed to be going all over our area finding new people.... Well as I like to say, SUCK IT SATAN!!! We went ham! The ZL's missed the first third of it because of the transport, but that just gave us more desire to work hard to make up for them. Miracles left and right! By the end of the day we had taught 76 lessons, got over 60 potentials, and about 20 new amis!!!! Just to let you know, before that, the most lessons taught on a finding day was about 55. Dieu est trop puissant!
Thursday we had an amazing Zone Conference focused on using the Book of Mormon more effectively, especially in contacting, and helping our amis understand and accept baptismal invites. Like always, it was a super spiritual experience. Especially when Soeur Babin testified about how much she wanted to be baptized when she was learning about the church (she met the missionaries at 14). She said that the Elders talked a lot about baptism and for most of the learning process she just kept wishing that they would invite her to be baptized. It was such a sweet experience to hear her testify.
We then did exchanges with the Melun elders Thursday to Friday. It was pretty fun and we taught like 20 lessons together just those two days. #stats! Just kidding, they are key indicators that represent a ton of awesome people we got to meet and start teaching :)
Sunday we had an area conference. Elders Christofferson, Randall(70) and Kearon(70) as well as Bishop Caussé and Sister Oscarson spoke with us. Bishop Caussé's talk was so powerful. He talked about the temple, and what we can do to make sure it keeps its priority in our lives especially when a temple is very accessible.
Quick suggestion, if you haven't seen the new bible videos narrated by them! They are super funny, and really beautiful :)
I love you all, thanks for the prayers!

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