France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 89

We got stood up for over half of our appointments this week.... It was dumb.
It was super hot for most of this week, we had to go out in short sleeve shirts.
Finally got to see Isabelle again! :) It had been over a month since we last saw her. She has read all the way to 2 Nephi! We committed her to pray for a confirmation that she should be baptized in our church, 
she said she would do it....go Saint-Esprit go!
One of our new amis, Roland, came to church this Sunday. We've taught him three times and he has kept every reading commitment so far! He's from Cameroon, he speaks English, but he gets by in French as well which makes things a lot easier on us.
Eddine and Samra found a house a couple hours south of Paris. They'll be moving the beginning of July, hopefully Samra will be baptized the 25th (she wants to do it here before she leaves).
I'm not sure what's been going on this last week, but we are on fire with the young families. We have appointments set up with at least 3 new families to teach! It's incredible :)
There are still strikes going on, so that's been annoying, but the rain problem has pretty much been taken care of.
Today we went bowling and got kebabs as a district (thus the shorter email). Attached are pictures of said event as well as a dope rainbow and an awesome street sign (why not alley) 😃

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