France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 91 and 92

Well this week was definitely an adjustment...

Belgium is weird!!! haha :) 

So Monday we were invited to eat lunch with the N'Tamag family. She made this HUGE Haitian meal, and boy was it good! Then we went and taught Lucien with a member. He had read and was really interested in Joseph Smith's story... I hope things go well with him.

Tuesday we were also invited to eat for lunch and dinner. The members in Evry love me so much haha :) We also went and said goodbye to Eddine and Samra. She is so ready for the gospel!!! I'm still a little sad I'll miss her baptism, but I'm so happy that it's happening!

Wednesday: After almost 4 hours of hot, standing room only trains I arrived in Namur... my dying ville. Elder Anderson is from Cinncinati, Ohio and like I said before just got finished being trained. Namur is a TINY town compared to Evry and the transportation sucks... It kind of reminds me of Dunkerque haha but Namur is prettier. The apartment is gigantic though, so that's pretty nice. For the moment, we only have two amis, Romuald and his 9 year old son Dillon. So these last two weeks have been filled with a ton of contacting. We have a couple new potentials now so we'll see this week what becomes of them.

We had a ward party the Saturday I got here. There weren't a ton of people, but our amis came and we had a pretty good time.

Right now the Euro Cup is going on and Belgian fans are nuts!!!! The town has set up a giant screen and Fan Zone type thing right next to our apartment....So every time Belgium plays we don't sleep... Luckily they just got eliminated so we'll be able to sleep haha ;)

So when I got here I heard that our Bishop and Ward Mission leader were both pretty dead and didn't really do anything to help us out. Well that doesn't fly with me! So we get here and we have already had a meeting with the bishop to come up with a ward mission plan, our WML has helped us teach like 4 lessons, and is going nuts sharing the gospel, and everything is looking up. All they needed was a little kick and now they are pumped :)

One day we helped two members move. They were both getting furniture from the same person, so they rented a moving truck and called the missionaries haha :) We were helping from 7:30 to 2:00...... but it was fun! I got to know the members better and we got a couch and two nice chairs out of it (one of the members were getting rid of them to fit the new couch so they gave them to us!).

Another day we went out porting in a town called Dinant about 40 minutes away and when we get there we find out that it's the birthplace of Alfred Sax (inventor of the saxophone) I know what we're doing next P-Day!! ;)

I'll be sending some pictures of Samra's Baptism that Elder Tarbet sent me. I'm so proud of them!!

Love you all!


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