France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 45 --- Fasting totally works!!!

This was a FANTASTIC week! We were able to teach all of the less actives and recent converts we work with. They were such great lessons and Elder Libby and I are teaching really well together.

So super cool story for the week:  On Monday night Elder Libby got something on his suit, so we dropped it off at the dry cleaners and they said we could pick it up Saturday. So Saturday rolls around and we start our fast right after lunch and as always we fast for the work in addition to anything else we are fasting for. We go to pick up his suit a couple hours later-planning on taking the bus home right after-and even though the sign said they would be open, they were closed. So we just start contacting back to our apartment like normal. Then I try to contact this middle aged lady, but apparently she didn't hear or notice me. I start walking but then I felt like I should turn around and Elder Libby did too. As we turn around this lady did too, she saw us, gave a funny look then said hello. We start talking to her and she was incredibly open. She told us she has a lot of faith, was raised by nuns, but now doesn't attend church very often. We gave her a very brief overview of the restoration, and taught her about how we pray.  I asked if we could offer a prayer right then and she agreed and asked that I pray for her daughter, who is going through some difficulties right now. After the prayer she thanked us and said that the prayer and our conversation did a lot of good for her. We asked her if we could share more of our message with her and she said, "Of course! Why don't you come to my house next week?" She then gave us her address, home number, and cell number and we set an appointment for this coming Thursday. It was such a miracle! She was so nice, and the Spirit definitely was felt by all of us!

Now it's time for the funny story of the week courtesy of the missionary life. We were walking around one day because we were early for an appointment and we decided to pass the time contacting. We walk past this lady who was facing the other way, but she turned as we were walking next to her. Upon seeing us she says, "Are you guys training to be pilots?" Then she sticks her arms out and pretends to be an airplane (sound effects and everything haha!). This lady was probably 25, smoking, and wearing an American flag shirt. We explain that we're missionaries and that we help people grow their faith in Christ.  Surprisingly she starts having a gospel discussion with us. It's at this point that I notice the open can of tequila on the bench next to where she's standing. But we talk and it wasn't a completely bad discussion. Deciding that she wasn't going to be our next new investigator, we decided we'd at least get a lesson out of this, so we ask if we can pray with her. At this moment she lights up another cigarette and then says, "I can't pray while I'm smoking, but I will when I finish this one" haha! So she starts walking with us and she explains that the next day her dog is going to get "fixed". Elder Libby and I then look at her dog who had been chilling nearby (we have since decided that he had an infection of some sort because his you know whats were MASSIVE!!!). Haha 😂😂😂.   Finally she finishes her cigarette, we sit down on a bench and offer a prayer. We kept our eyes half-open during it because this lady was a little crazy ;) I notice that during the prayer she scoots up and leans against Elder Libby. I'm trying to contain the laughter during the rest of the prayer. We get up to leave after the prayer and she shakes our hands. When she shook mine she used both hands and didn't really shake mine at all (it felt like we were holding hands) during all this she's staring into my eyes and giving me the "I'm about to kiss you" look. I finally get my hand back and we just take off :) hahah It was super hilarious, and the best part is that she lives in our neighborhood and so we are now on constant alert! :)

Anyway, I love what I'm doing here. It's the best thing anyone could ever do!

I love you all so much!

Elder Bronson Jorgensen

There were jellyfish in the port next to our apartment this week!

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