France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 48 --- I found my calling in life ;)

Bonjour tout le monde!     (To save you the trouble of copying and pasting that into google translate, that means hello everybody) ☺

What a great week we've had! First thing I'd like to talk about is Kevin. We met with him on Wednesday and we had Mike there as well to help us teach. We taught the restoration and introduced the Book of Mormon a little bit. It went super well! Mike was explaining principles and testifying like a regular missionary (we're trying to work that image into his head haha!) Kevin seemed to understand all of it, and was open to finding out if it's true. He even gave a kneeling prayer at the end of the lesson! (He finished "in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, amen." But we'll work on that later   ) As a side note, who would ever imagine four 19-year-old guys (one from Haiti one from France and two from America) sitting together talking about Jesus? We definitely are a peculiar people!

We taught Anna yesterday. She was doing a TON better! We chitchatted for a bit and then went over the First Vision, Book of Mormon, and Priesthood Restoration again. She understood it really well although believing it is a whole different story. We gave her a soft baptismal invite, but she kind of dodged the question by saying she already follows Jesus Christ by serving others, and the lesson turned to other subjects. It was pretty disappointing. She has said that she's just really interested in the history of religion, not in the actual practice of it, but it seemed that she was feeling something different than just curiosity. We hope our next lesson on the plan of salvation will spark something more especially because of what just happened in her life.

This Friday we had Zone Conference and interviews with President and Sister Babin. Can I just say that I love those two SOOOOOO much! They care so much about us, and they are both so funny. We had great trainings, and the Spirit was so strong there. #OutpouringOfRevelation

President Babin sat with our district at lunch and he told us about the progress of the temple in Versailles. He said it should be done in April and the dedication around September (hopefully before I come home!!!) He also told us about a theft that occurred recently. I believe I mentioned a couple weeks ago that about 70-80 missionaries didn't get iPads because the mission office got broken into before all were distributed. Anyway this zone conference President was supposed
to be bringing the iPads for all those who hadn't got any (Elder Libby being one of them). Well...because they got to their hotel too late before the conference before ours, they had to park outside the hotel rather than in the garage. Apparently it was a sketchy neighborhood
and even though everything was covered well someone broke into their van, stole around 15 iPads, President's phone, Sister Babin's scriptures, all the mail that was sent to the mission home for the missionaries in our zone, and some other stuff. It was crazy!  President isn't having luck with these iPads haha!  #ProbablyShouldn'tBeLaughingAboutThat    

So just a note, if you sent me mail using the mission address within the last 2 months I don't have it and never will.

This Thursday was Elder Libby's year mark, and we celebrated it with our very own gay date! There's this cool restaurant in Dunkerque we pass all the time and we've always wanted to try it, so Thursday we caved and went there. They had a lot of seafood, but since neither of us are huge fans of seafood we got pretty much the best tasting burger in the world! It was delicious! It was funny because of the 5 groups that were eating when we were there, 3 were speaking English! Haha There was a group of Asian business men all talking english, a group of British guys, and us.

Love you all,

Elder Jorgensen

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