France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 47 --- Probably the best week I've ever had in my life!!!

Thursday was amazing!!! We had an exchange with our zone leaders Elder Powelson and Schafer. Elder Schafer and I were together and we saw miracles! We were following weird promptings like:  --Running across the street and stopping a lady about to walk in the crosswalk (her name was Bibiche and we followed her onto the bus and I taught her the restoration and got her number) --Seeing a guy sitting on the bench and while we were walking over he gets up and starts walking so we follow him until he walks into his house so we knock on the house next-door (we tried to pretend we weren't following him) then we knock on his door (David was a cool young guy whose mom is Catholic and dad is an evangelical minister. We talked about the restoration and Book of Mormon, he was super interested and very grateful for the book.) --Walking with the other elders to catch a bus and Elder Schafer and I stopped to talk to a young guy (Kevin has a strong belief in Jesus Christ and was interested to learn more about us) --Talking to a young man waiting at a bus stop right before we needed to go in for the night who seemed absorbed in himself (Valentin believes in God but because his parents aren't believing he doesn't have a religious background. Turns out he would love to learn more about who God and Christ are). To top it all off, all of this occurred while it was pouring rain and I didn't have an umbrella!    But those miracles more than made up for the fact that I was soaking wet! All in all, it was one of the most miraculous and amazing days I've had as a missionary!!

So Sunday was almost as great as Thursday! You remember Kevin right, well we invited Kevin to come to church the other day and guess what he showed up at 8:50 (Church starts at nine by the way). He stayed for all three hours and in the end he said he really liked it. In addition, President Duez's two daughters (who both served missions) and their children were there as well and so we had about 25 people at church. Two days before, we got a call from President Duez and he asked us to give a talk during sacrament meeting. Elder Libby and I waited until the last minute and then decided I would do it. As I prayed to know what I should talk about I got the distinct impression that I should talk about the forgiving power of the atonement. As I prepared and then gave that talk, I felt the Spirit of the Lord come upon me very strongly. There were very few people that didn't seem physically touched by the Spirit which was in that meeting. I am very grateful that the Lord chose me to be an instrument in delivering His Spirit to His children. I truly do know that the atonement gives us each the opportunity to try again, to improve ourselves, and to be made pure like our Father in Heaven is pure. That evening we went to visit Khadija, who was a passback that Elder Libby and Elder Wells found. She was very interested in the Book of Mormon even though she is Muslim. We don't think that she is practicing but in any case, she was really excited to have us come back. We taught her about what a missionary is and what we're doing. Then we talked about our families, her daughter, her work, and schooling (she is working on finishing her masters degree in marketing). Then we were able to teach the entire restoration. She asked a ton of really great questions, took notes, highlighted things in the brochure, etc. It was one of the most amazing lessons I have ever given. We invited her to continue meeting with us and she accepted and was very enthusiastic. She is from Chad and has a five-year-old daughter who is the cutest little girl! The lesson may have been a little long though because her daughter was able to watch all of Rio while we were there haha! (We finished at the same time as the movie and her daughter, Samira, thought that was the coolest thing ever! :) After that we went and passed by Anna to see how she was doing we were able to talk with her a little bit and then shared with her the "Because of Him" video. She really enjoyed it and it was a nice little break for her from all the stress she's been having. It was a super great Sunday and I'm excited to see all those new investigators and potentials we found this last week.

I love you all very much, have a great week!

Elder Bronson Jorgensen

I got super soaked that night! Also we found this graffiti at the end
of our night which describes what we got that night! Haha

This African lady is wearing a camo head covering, Native American/African (we aren't sure which haha) pattern top, and a New York City skyline skirt.  #FrenchFashion!!!  

They are doing work on the sculpture of Jean Bart and the city spray-painted this on the site. It's pretty good if you ask me! :)

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