France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 24 --- Freakin' Africans... :)

This week we found five new amis... they're all african but one. Late last night we had a rendezvous with one named Aka. He told us to meet him in front of a grocery store in one of the sketchiest parts of La Rochelle, so we did haha. We sat there while a million muslims and at least three drug dealers walked past us. Then, he shows up 30 minutes late. We had to catch our bus so we just briefly shared why we're here, set up another rendezvous (at the chapel this time!) and prayed with him. He's a super nice young guy though. Just so you know the subject line isn't derogative at all. They're just super flaky and don't understand most of what you teach. But they're super nice and you just automatically love them.

Also this week was Elder Smith's birthday. The Fitt's brought him (and me too) homemade pulled pork sandwiches, and these pastries from Tours, France called Religeuses. They are filled with this awesome chocolate filling and as big as your head! Soooooooo Good! 

We got dropped by the crazy guy who read 110 sections. Apparently he converted to Islam a couple years ago, but still loves the Doctrine and Covenants... so ya...

Love you all!

Elder Jorgensen

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