France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 25 --- One more transfer in the land of crazies and jeunes filles...

So this week is the beginning of my 4th transfer here in La Rochelle (I'm not getting transferred). It's so crazy to think of how fast time is flying by. I'm almost a quarter into my mission....

On Saturday we spent the day in Niort (a really big town in our sector about an hour away) and visited a less active lady and her 19 year old son. They made us lunch and we had a wonderful time just fellowshipping her. He is saving up money for his mission and is very active, and just one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet!

One of our African amis, Marie Susan, met us at the church this week and we taught the restoration and watched the restoration movie. She is super catholic, so we weren't sure how she was going to take it, but she was incredibly interested. During the video right before the first vision, she said, "wow. He really wanted to know and searched a lot for the truth." She was very impressed with that and the rest of the movie. At the end we told her if she searched and prayed with the same intent and sincere desire as Joseph she could know for herself if what we teach is true. And she's really excited to learn more.

Another African ami, Sandrine, is a young mom who teaches her 5 year old son about prayer and the scriptures, but hasn't found a church that she feels good at yet. We have taught the restoration and taught about the Book of Mormon another time with a member. She has already started reading the Book of Mormon (which is rare for one of our amis) and really wants to find a testimony of what we taught!

Yet another African ami, Ambroise, came to church for all three hours! And... We set a baptismal date for April 12th! He really liked church and even took notes during sacrament meeting!

Unfortunately, not all of our African amis are doing so well. Mbuta hasn't been able to meet with us/cancelled appointments for 3 weeks, and when we finally talked to him this week he said he isn't ready to be baptized at this point in his life. 

Now I would like to explain the subject line. Jeunes filles are young women, and La Rochelle is full of them. When we walk on a bus 80% of the people are high school and college girls. It makes for awkward contacting ;) haha just kidding! I mention this because Tuesday morning we woke up and went running and as we were leaving the apartment we encountered a group of high school girls in Halloween costumes at an intersection at 6:30 in the morning. Throughout the day at almost every intersection there were high school students dressed up in the most ridiculous outfits asking for money. (Apparently each year they do this to pay for their graduation party). Luckily we were in Nantes for district meeting most of the day! Haha

Another crazy person story as written by Elder Smith...
So anyways here is the my strange experience for this week. 
it was last Monday night. we were in Sandrines neighborhood going to teach her and had a little bit of time before our appointment. so we decided to do a little bit of porting. One man answered the door and said that we could come back at 8 which would be right as our appointment with Sandrine was ending. We agreed on a time and left. After our lesson with Sandrine we went back and he let us in. his name was Bernard (age 70) . He led us to his living room and invited us to sit down. We did. he looked at us and said you have 35 minutes im listening. 
first let me describe the room we are sitting in. It is tiny it is a combo office,dining room, living room, exercise room and bedroom. It is dark and Bernard is smoking. We are sitting at a Plastic folding table on nasty chairs. Behind Bernard on the wall there is a Ninja sword and wooden ninja star holder. In this ninja star holder there were places for six ninja stars but one was missing.... ha ha also behind him was a bookshelf. On the book shelf were VHS tapes and books on how to become a Kung fu and Karate master. 
We started to explain who we are and why we are here. He stopped us and started explaining that he has studied almost every religion on the planet. He said that he has already read the Book of Mormon. He then continued to explain to us his beliefs. This is where it gets interesting. 
He started by telling us that there are three types of people in the world we just do not know it. The three types of people in the world are Insectoids (have a exoskeleton mask), reptilians (full body exoskeleton), and moizidians (just people like us... whatever that means). He talked about how we all live together and do not know who is who. He said that our bodies are like cars and when the car dies the driver stays the same he just get a new car. He said he is in his 13th cycle. 
I cant remember everything that he said but im pretty sure it was sound doctrine. (just kidding)
We ended up just leaving him with a couple of brochures and our card.

I can testify that what my companion has said is true...unfortunately haha!

Love you all!
Elder Jorgensen

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