France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 23 --- That man has WAY too much time on his hands . . .

I know that's a weird subject line, I'll explain later...

This week we only had about 2.5 working days because on wednesday and thursday we had exchanges in Nantes with our district leader, and our Zone Conference, and then I was sick for half of Saturday. 

So here we go with the awesome things that happened this week because there were a lot of them...

1 During exchanges Elder Meng(my district leader) and I were out porting and we decided to start this appartment building after about 30 minutes of randomly walking around. We get let in, and we knock on the door and this African coulple opens up and they look at each other confusedly then let us in. We ask them if they know who we are and why we were there, and they said yes. Apparently the wife had seen the Elders on the street earlier, but wasn't able to go talk to them, but the couple was trying to find the missionairies and set up an appointment, so they both thought the other had set up an appointment. We told them that we just happened to be in the neighborhood. The man then started telling us how powerful God was. They had been trying to find our church and meet with us for a while, and he was just reading about the role of spouses. He even pulled it up in front of us. He explained that they were in a tough financial situation, but they realized they needed God's help, so they were looking for us to help them find spiritual guidance! We shared a great little moment with them, and then knelt in prayer together. It was sooooo cool!

2 We had an awesome zone conference with President and Soeur Babin. We also got to watch "meet the mormons" after the conference. That was such a good movie!

3 Sunday night (which is usually the least productive night for us, like seriously nothing) we were porting a building and we got let in by a super nice turkish man and were able to pray with him. The very next door we knocked a lady answered who had obviously just been crying. She was super hesitant and nervous looking, but she let us in anyway. She told us that she has never let anyone else in her house before, and she hoped she could trust us. We shared a short simple prayer, and after she said that she really felt something. So we testified that what she was feeling was the Holy Ghost. She told us that she had been crying just before and that we had given her something wonderful, and that she wanted to give us something. She went and got like 15 Euros and tried to give it to us. She was shocked when we told her we couldn't accept it, and that we were just here to help people. By this point she was smiling and kept saying, "Wow!" She agreed to have us come back this Wednesday to share a message with her. It was such a miracle!

4 Now I'll get to the subject line. A couple weeks ago we ran into a guy at the bus stop and he told us he had read the book of mormon and the doctrine and covenants, and he wanted his own D&C. It was pretty random. So we got him a triple combination and met him to give it to him, then we set up a rendez-vous for Saturday to talk about what he had read and so forth. Saturday comes around and he tells us he had read 110 sections already!!! In 5 days!!!! The only question he had was what does Celestial, terrestrial, and telestial mean. Only problem is that we're pretty sure he's crazy. He is the most awkward man you will ever meet in your life...and you all know me haha :)

So that was this week, and I have high hopes for this next week.
Love you guys!

Elder Jorgensen

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