France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 27 --- Six months...ALREADY!?

So as you can tell from the subject line, this Wednesday will be the six month mark of my mission. It is absolutely crazy how fast time is flying by! Wow...

Last week I told you about Annick (I learned how to spell her name right). Well when we saw her last monday we found out that she was actually baptized when she met the missionaries 15 years ago! The branch apparently moved from where she was soon after her baptism, and she didn't really understand what happened, so she became less active. Craziest part is that her records are in our ward, and the Fitt couple had been trying to find her for sometime, but her old address wasn't good. Fortunately, she moved to La Rochelle four months ago, and now we've found her. She has forgotten most of everything, so it's pretty much like teaching an investigator. Although, she really wants to relearn everything! It's just such a miracle :) 

Tuesday we were porting all day without a ton of success, but we did talk with this nice old lady who told us that blue eyed people like us (Elder Smith, me, and the old lady all had blue eyes) were considered devil people where her ancestors were from. Then she went on to explain that she was a descendant of the Romanov family in Russia who were the monarchs there before the revolution, and that she was related to Anastasia. She also asked about my blonde hair and blue eyes combo, and when I told her my dad had brown eyes she stopped me and said, "You don't say that, my mother taught me that you should say 'chocolat chaud a la canelle' (hot chocolate with cinnamon) because it sounds prettier." Haha She was a funny lady :)

Friday we drove about an hour south with the Fitts to go to lunch with a member. We get to the lady's house and she said, "Ok let's hop in the car, I'm taking you to lunch." So we all pile into her van, and then she says we're going to Saintes for lunch (Which is an hour from where she lives). Apparently, she found this really amazing restaurant that she wanted to take us to. We get there and it's an Asian buffet! Haha Thankfully, it was super good. They had a wok and a ton of really good sushi, thai dishes, salads and desserts. It was delicious! Then we spent another two hours coming back home. We got back just in time to teach Jonathon. He had contacted us on the bus the week before, and said he had met with the missionaries in his home country of Congo and he wanted to talk with us. We had a really good rendez-vous and now he's a new investigator! 

Saturday I was sick (just like half of the ward! We've given quite a few blessings recently). It really sucked, but thankfully I'm feeling a ton better now. 

Ambroise was at church with us this Sunday, but he kind of slept through half of it. (We had a combined training for all the adults the first two hours...I almost fell asleep! :) ) Also, he hasn't read out of the Book of Mormon at all. Unfortunately, we think we might have to drop him if he doesn't start keeping his commitments.

Good news now! We finally were able to get in touch with Sandrine! Apparently her first name isn't on the intercom for her building, and we had been calling someone else named Sandrine! Thankfully, she still wants to meet with us and we have an awesome appointment planned for this evening. 

Also cool news, the Fitts just left for Belgium for a little bit while I was in the middle of typing this email, and because they didn't want to pay like 70 bucks for parking, they got permission for us to drive their car and park it at our place! So I just drove for the first time in six months and the first time in Europe. After I finish this email, I will be driving it to our apartment. Unfortunately, it sits there until we go pick them up on Thursday.

Inspirational quote courtesy of President Hinckley, “Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of optimism. Walk with faith, rejoicing in the beauties of nature, in the goodness of those you love, in the testimony which you carry in your heart concerning things divine.” 

Anyway, love you all very much, and special shoutout to my wonderful mom for her birthday this Thursday! (Do something nice for her, but don't tell her I told you to) ;)

Elder Jorgensen

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