France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 79 - The dunk is going down!

Wednesday we had to pull gare (station in French) duty. Running all around the Paris underground in a suit carrying luggage sucks in case you were wondering ;) But I got to see most of the Soeurs from my MTC district. They just finished their missions......AAAHH!! Now people are starting to call me old haha :) Later that day we taught Eddine and Samra with Bishop Boisserie, and the boys stole our badges like
usual ;)

So Saturday Eddine had his baptismal interview and he passed no problemo. So this coming Saturday Elder Long is going to baptize him and Sunday Daniel Furtado is going to confirm him. He came to the priesthood session of conference, but Samra didn't come at all. We aren't sure what's going on because she wasn't sick....We'll find out this week.

Daniel couldn't make it to any of the sessions sadly. Saturday night he was running late, so he met up with us and Rock after and we all went together to get kebabs...we're tight now... :) haha

One of our amis, Damir, came to the priesthood session. It was great because we got to introduce him to Eddine. They are both from the Comoros islands (between madagascar and Africa), and they already call each other frère! Haha it was pretty dope.

We watched four sessions of conference at the church which made for a very long Sunday... Haha. Well, now that I think about it we only "watched" two sessions on Sunday, I wouldn't say we watched the evening session because the Furtado family came to the church to watch that session.... After the first talk Lara walks into the chapel (she was playing with her siblings while her mom watched it in Portuguese in another room) makes eye contact with me and starts strutting over to us and plops herself down on the bench right next to me. Of course Leonor doesn't want to be left out so she runs over and sits next to her sister, and Samuel just wants to follow them around so he starts running around and playing next to us. I felt like I was back home! I was getting some of their conference candy, having to tell them to be reverent, and answering a billion questions :) haha Seriously this family is making me so trunky! And plus this whole conference was about families and parenthood..... It's a good thing the work is going super well and keeping me busy or else this would be rough ;)

Much loves!


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