France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 78 Ne vous inquiétez pas...Tout ira bien :) March 28th, 2016

Don't worry...All will be well :)
So as you all know there were attacks in Brussels this week, in fact you all know more than I do about what's going on. All of us missionaries appreciate the fasting and prayer in behalf of us and our friends up in Brussels. Please also keep President and Sister Babin in your prayers because they're dealing with a lot right now as you will see in the rest of my email.
This Wednesday is transfers! (Another reason why the Babin's are stressed) Elder Long and I will be staying another transfer together here in Évry. Elder Long and I get to go hang around one of the train stations in Paris to organize all the missionaries that are coming and going through that station. One of those missionaries is Elder Libby!
It's been six months since I've seen that kid, so he's pretty happy that I'm going to be there. He is going to be training up in Belgium.
We had the sickest service project a couple weeks ago. A nonmember from Logan was moving to the area, she got in touch with the Melun elders and so we went with them and the sisters to help unload this lady's stuff in a storage unit. She shows up with a CARGO CONTAINER filled with random crap and furniture! It took us like 3 hours to unload and store all of it, but we got it done! She gave each of us a pan filled with cookies and brownies she made. YUM! I sent a pic of all of us afterward with her son.
This last Sunday was pretty awesome! We had 5 Amis at church, and Liddy came with all three of her kids (Nedved 13, Melvine 9, and Urdie 7)!!!!! :) She was an hour late....but still ;) haha luckily we have sacrament meeting at the end. We have been teaching them about once a week and they're progressing slowly but surely. Nedved went to a stake youth activity and they all seem to be making friends. Now we're focusing on helping them create good gospel habits (family and individual prayer/scripture study, church attendance, etc.) We're probably going to invite Nedved and Melvine to be baptized this week...fingers crossed ;)

Update on Eddine and Samra: They are doing great! We've been teaching them twice a week with members, and Eddine told us last week that he is ready to get baptized as soon as possible. So April 9th he's going to be baptized by a friend who gave him the Book of Mormon a couple months ago. We are super stoked! Samra hasn't been able to come to church though. She's been getting sick a lot and the fact that she's pregnant doesn't help at all. Please keep her in your prayers.
We are also teaching this super cool young guy named Daniel. He just started believing in God and Christ about 6 months ago. He's evangelical, but he loves learning with us. We taught him today with a young adult named Rock. They got along great and we had a pretty spiritual lesson about prophets and the restoration. After we all played ping pong together with the missionaries in the district because we had a district meeting tonight.
So I mentioned that Bishop Furtado and his family came back from Portugal a couple weeks ago. The first Sunday back he invited us over to his house later that week, so we could teach a family they are friends with! Unfortunately the family got sick a couple days before, but that didn't stop Bishop. He had us invite Eddine and Samra over for a lesson and dinner. We taught about the Priesthood and after we explained it Samra asked the Bishop, "So after Eddine gets baptized, he can receive the priesthood and then baptize me?" We all answered yes very enthusiastically ;) That was a Friday and then Saturday we get a text from Bishop saying that he invited their friends over for Sunday night dinner and he wanted us to come teach them and eat with them again! So we show up Sunday night and as he's picking us up from the station he tells us that their friends had to cancel about an hour before because the husband got sick that day (Satan is really trying to stop us from teaching that family! Haha) but we were already there so he took us to his place and we gave a little spiritual thought for
their daughter Lara (5) because Leonor (the 3 year old with cancer),   and Samuel (18 months) were already asleep. Then we ate some amazing chili with chips and guacamole (Romina, the wife, is a great cook!) We had the most amazing time together! Lara was sitting next to me and since there weren't any other kids I HAD ;) to sit and talk/play with her. Suffice it to say that we are now best friends! :) She was showing me a bubbles that she had got, talking about how Leonor thinks that Thor is a girl superhero because he has long hair, and all sorts of other random stuff. Haha! Yesterday at church right after sacrament meeting (which we do at the end) she runs up to me and hugs my legs,
looking up at me with the grin that cute kids give you when they know you think they're adorable ;) She then proceeded to follow me around for the next 20 minutes as Elder Long and I talked with members and planned appointments. This family is making me so trunky!! Haha Also, kind of sadly, Bishop Furtado was released as Bishop (probably because of Leonor's health problems), so now our new Bishop is Frère Boisserie (the high councilor who gave us the shoutout at stake conference).   Also, Leonor was hospitalized again this week, and she'll be there for a couple days. This is another stressful thing for the Babin's because as I mentioned, Frère Furtado served his mission here in France and specifically here in Évry (where the Babin's live) about 10 years ago.  After his mission he came back and did two years of study here in France, and guess who he lived with...that's right the Babin's. He's like another son for them (I got to see pictures of them at his wedding haha! President used to have really brown's weird looking haha! ;) ) So if this family could be kept in your prayers it would be much appreciated. I'll try and get some pictures of them next week (Leonor stole her dad's phone and took selfies with me, but I haven't gotten those pics yet) haha ;)
Much loves!

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