France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Note from Mom --- March 22, 2016

First of all, Bronson is safe.  We live in a scary world --- third terrorist attack in Bronson's mission (France Paris Mission) took place yesterday (four missionaries injured).  

January 2015 - Charlie Hebdo Magazine shooting
November 2015 - Suicide bombings outside Stade de France
March 2016 - Brussels Airport bombings


Once again, no group e-mail this week.  I attempted to "chastise" Bronson for failing to send long, detailed e-mails to his mom and below is the response I received on Monday;

I just got to the church I'm sending an email today. I don't know how other missionaries have time to do that (unless they're in the US because they have cars and it's easy mode, so they have more time). My last email was way more than two sentences ;) I have had to go into Paris every Monday this transfer (I just got back 3 hours ago and then had to eat, shop, and clean) because of random stupid crap, and public transportation just knocks me out (and if I don't close my eyes I get sick).

A little later:

Mom I'm not going to get a group email out today. I sent some pictures on iMessage from a service activity and in front of the temple and me touching the Seine river right next to Notre Dame de Paris.

The sisters showed up at the church and distracted us, we had to enter in all the statistics for this week and a potential ami called us and we've been planning something with him. 

I suck at keeping a journal, plus if I don't have time to write the email, I don't have time to write a descriptive journal entry.

I'm really sorry. We literally are ALWAYS busy, and we get home late almost everyday and then have to plan, so I can only really write on P-Days and the last couple ones have been hectic and annoying.

I love you.

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