France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 82 Baptism, Bricoman, and Burritos

So Eddine made it. Saturday April 9th he was baptized by Bishop Boisserie. The service was very simple, very crazy, and very spiritual. Samra was there as well as some of their family friends that introduced them to the church. A couple members showed up to support (Eddine didn't want it to be a big spectacle, so we didn't invite a ton of people). Elder Long and I gave talks and instead of talking about baptism and the Holy Ghost like normal, we prayerfully chose topics for our talks. Elder Long talked about good family traditions (prayer, scripture study, fhe, etc.) and I felt impressed to talk about the temple. The spirit was there in abundance (despite their crazy kids running around and screaming haha) :) But the kids were kind of calm for the actual ordinance. They thought it was so cool that their dad was "going swimming" ;) Unfortunately before we could close up the font after the baptism one of them threw a stuffed animal into the font.... We had to fish it out with a broom after!

We stood in the circle the next day as Eddine was confirmed. Samra finally came to church! She was only there for sacrament, but still :)  Eddine got the priesthood the week after, Elder Long ordained him a priest. This last Sunday he blessed the sacrament....with his kids running all over the place! Haha Literally from the beginning of the meeting they were all over the stand, in the congregation, everywhere! Samra is going to be delivering really soon, so she couldn't come help handle them. We're still working on finding out how we're going to handle that problem! ;)

So, Bricoman is the name of a hardware store similar to Home Depot here in France. We've gone there like 4 times the last two weeks as we constructed two dollys to carry Books of Mormon that are painted like Books of Mormon. We worked on it in our apartment and at the church. Luckily we were able to borrow some power tools from members to finish, because doing by hand with nails wasn't working out too well ;) haha But they turned out pretty darn good. Even the painting! The letters were all free handed and the background was spray paint. I'm attaching pictures.

As far as the burritos go.... this week we had two finding days (which is why we made the dollys) one here and one in Melun. The one here went really well, we had the four elders in the district and two young adults the entire day, so we did splits and contacted with the dollys next to a mall. We taught over 25 lessons and got a ton of potentials.  In Melun they had a couple mini-missionaries and some other youth helping out and at the end we had a burrito party for dinner! It was a pretty sick week!

Noël update: I got an email talking about how excited they were for their baptism and to see me again this Saturday. Apparently all the members and other missionaries keep saying that they are going to be the strongest members ever! Haha. They even helped out the missionaries with a finding day in Le Havre. They were talking and testifying about the Book of Mormon as they contacted with the missionaries. 5 more days!!!!

Much loves!

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