France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 58 --- Vikings!

The first two Sundays here multiple members (after hearing that my ancestors are Danish, my name is Jorgensen, and I've only served in port towns) started calling me a Viking. Sister Babin agrees with them too! Haha. Anyway, one of Elder Shaver and my goals is to find as many things "Viking" as we can and take a picture haha. So here's the first two!

This week was super awesome. We went to Paris on Tuesday for zone conference and it was sweet! The conference was focused on working with members and improving our relationships with them. We had interviews as well. I'll never get over how awesome President and Sister Babin are. In both my interviews we laughed a ton, they gave me
awesome counsel on how I could help my district, and I really felt how much they love and care about me and all the other missionaries. Right after the conference we started our exchange with the Elders in Cergy. They live about 45 minutes outside Paris. I went with Elder Barton from Ogden. This is his first transfer in the mission so he has a ton of energy! Haha our exchange was super fun. Thursday we had exchanges here in Le Havre with the Elders from Mantes. I was with Elder Duncan. We taught a lady on the street, and even though she was Muslim she said she'd love to learn about Jesus Christ. So we have an appointment for this Wednesday! :) Friday we had an Autumn Festival thingy. There were only about 15 people there, but it was still super fun. I'll try and write more next week. This whole District Leader thing has taken away all the free time I used to use to type up emails :) haha But it's super fun though ;)

Lots of love,

My comp is sooo Canadian . . . Since Elder Shaver only has like 2 months left, he's been stocking up on French clothes...then he models them.... Haha!😂

Autumn Festival

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