France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 59 --- The Lord makes it up for you.

So this week I gave my training on the Book of Mormon and how
important it is not only to help our investigators convert, but also
to help us be more converted. It went pretty well I think :)

Then I had an exchange with Elder Livingston here in Le Havre, nothing
too exciting happened. Sorry... But Wednesday night we were out
tracting and we ring some guy's intercom, and when we tell him we want
to pray with him he lets us right in. His name is Moahssine
(pronounced mwasen) and he's Muslim, but he said he was totally open
to learn about us. After we prayed with him, we started talking about
who we are and then he asked us about what scriptures we use. We
talked about our belief in the Bible and then explained the background
of the Book of Mormon. He was super interested and let us set up an
appointment for this week! The coolest part is that we didn't have a
lot of time in our area, and this was one of our only nights to
work...AND right before we knocked on Moahssine's door he had been
praying to God for guidance! We were an answer to his prayer!

Friday I did an exchange in Cergy with Elder Harris unfortunately it
was only like half of an exchange because I had to go to
Mantes-La-Jolie for a baptismal interview that night. That was such a
cool experience! As I talked with this man I was able to feel of his
desire to follow Christ and change his life. He passed his interview
and this Sunday he was baptized!

Love you all!

Another Viking pic from Paris :)

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