France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 37 --- The Music of the Gospel

So sorry this one will be pretty short. I'm staying here in dunkerque one more transfer with Elder Alvarez. This week has just been pretty chill, nothing too exciting. But I've been thinking a lot about a talk given this last conference by Elder Wilford Anderson of the 70, "The Music of the Gospel". You all know how big music is in my life, so when I heard this talk it immediately struck a chord with me ;) haha I've been looking around a lot recently at some of the members I've met here in France as well as those back home, and I've noticed that a few have learned the dance steps really well, but don't feel or hear the music of the gospel. I know that at different times in our lives the music can become really hard to hear and we get to the point where we may want to stop doing the dance, but for those of us who don't hear the music right now the worst thing we can do is stop dancing. I stopped dancing and for many years my life was empty and silent. But as soon as I was humble enough to ask, our Father in Heaven filled my life with that music that is sweeter and more beautiful than any that I've ever heard. I pray that each of us may take a moment to listen and hear if the music is still in our hearts. If it's not, please remember the marvelous melodies that made us start dancing in the first place, and then pray that you may hear them once again. I promise you that NOTHING will bring you more happiness in your life. I can't say that it will come all at once, but it will come and crescendo until your soul is filled with this most joyous of joys. I love you all and pray for you often.

Elder Jorgensen

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