France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 36 --- The AP is a Menace to Society ...

This week was pretty chill. We had an awesome exchange in our district leader's city. It's probably the SMALLEST town with missionaries in the world! They have a car so driving around was pretty nice.  This Sunday, Mike, the recent convert, blessed the sacrament with me for the first time. It was super awesome!  He speaks English pretty well too. Me and him have really hit it off! Each time we have an appointment or at church we get each other laughing like crazy. 

So this Friday was our Zone conference, and was super spiritual like always. At the end before our interviews with President and Soeur Babin we had a training by our Zone Leaders. Now these two are some of the funniest guys you'll ever meet. So they were talking about the commitments we give to investigators are like mini covenants that prepare them for their first covenant of baptism. They finished off comparing our commitments to an engagement (because commitment in french is engagement). When someone is engaged to marry they are making a prepatory commitment before the covenant of marriage. Then they tell us that we need to learn how to make "good commitments" after our missions ;) haha Keep in mind that President Babin and the Assistants (one of them is from Taiwan and is 25 because he had to serve in the military and went to college before his mission) are sitting there and the rest of us are just laughing. To finish they share a quote by Brigham Young and say they don't want to point any one out, but...(looking at the assistants)  "Any young man not married by the time he is 25 is a menace to society" and the entire room starts cracking up including President, the senior couple, and all the sisters. It was pretty quality stuff haha :)

Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Jorgensen

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