France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 39 --- I Love Exchanges!

So this week was pretty sweet. We had a great exchange on Wednesday.  Our new district leader, Elder Wilson, was Elder Godfrey's companion in La Rochelle right before me. So we talked a lot about the ward and the investigators there. He's a really great guy. Then on Thursday we had district meeting. Our training was on how we will use iPads to proselyte online, and the new schedules we'll have. Speaking of which... we're getting iPads tomorrow!!!! We are sleeping over in another town tonight and then going to Brussels tomorrow morning for our zone conference. 

Also, we are just getting done having our Branch Day. We had Branch Council meeting and then we all ate together. We seriously have the coolest branch here. The members are so great! Speaking of our little branch, there was a huge neighbourhood market festival thing this last Sunday and all the roads were blocked to get to the church, so we had church at the Deslypper's house (rich family we ate with a couple weeks ago.) It was the weirdest church experience! The couch was the stand, their dog was chilling in the branch president's seat while he blessed the sacrament with me, etc. But, it was super cool.

So the reason why I love exchanges so much is because we have twice the work getting done in our area for a day. And because of that, we got a new ami who is interested, has a family, doesn't smoke, and doesn't drink! It's so cool! Elder Alvarez and Elder Wilson found him. Anyway I got to go so we can make our train :)

Love you all!
Elder Jorgensen

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