France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 31 --- Bye Bye La Rochelle

So this week our P-Day is on Tuesday because we had a conference yesterday in Paris.  It was a conference for iPads. It was with Elder Patrick Kearon and Elder Brent H. Neilson of the First Quorum of the Seventy. They introduced iPads to our mission. We were supposed to get them yesterday but there was a miscommunication and they did not get shipped out in time. But it was very interesting, We thought that we were just going to get taught how to use iPads but instead they told us what is expected of us as far as emails and using the internet and not playing games. They did not give us any specific ways to use the iPads but told us to pray and find out how to best use them to increase the work in France. They told us that it is up to us to teach them the best way to find new amis here in France using iPads.  It was really cool to see how much they trusted us. We basically have a normal iPad, the only difference is that our mission president can see anything that we download. I am excited to get them.

Also this week is transfers. Elder Smith is going to be a trainer here in La Rochelle, and I'm going to be serving in Dunkerque. It is the city furthest north in the mission. 

Well I don't have a ton of time today because I still need to pack, but I want to share a cool experience that we had this week. So last Friday night we were out knocking doors (well kind of... we were ringing apartments but same thing) and we were not getting let in anywhere. So we decided that we needed to pray and ask where we needed to go. So we prayed and after the prayer we decided to go to a building in the distance. We went in because the door was open. We went up a couple of floors and started knocking. The second door that we knocked on was a lady named Nathalie she let us right in. She told us how she had always seen the missionaries in the street but they never talked to her. She could not believe that we knocked on her door to talk to her. She told us she believes that it is a sign and she needs to meet with us. We set up an appointment for this Thursday and invited her to church. When she saw the address she almost fell out of her chair. She said she has walked by our church a couple of times and felt the a strong desire to go in. She said she has always wanted to come visit. It was another cool experience with prayer. Elder Smith has an appointment with her this week.

Love you all. More next week.
Elder Jorgensen

Photo 1 and 2- district photo. Numbers mean how many transfers you have been out
Photo 3 and 4- Picture Elder Smith took on the train ride to Paris. They are called safflower fields and they are so cool. They look like seas of yellow. Picture does not do it justice.

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