France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 30 --- Melchizedek is Jesus who is also God....?

Like always, funny/interesting story alluded to in subject line will be explained at the end. :)

So this week there were a couple cool stories I would like to share with you.

Number 1. We were out contacting/tracting and we didn't have any solid ideas of where we should go, but then Elder Smith decided that we should head down towards where one of our amis lives. On the way I saw an apartment building neither of us had ever noticed. I felt like we should go try it, and the very first door we rang an older lady answered and at first was not interested, but after talking for a little bit she let us in. We talked with her for a while about her family, how awesome La Rochelle weather is (which it really is. Seriously perfect beach weather!), and her faith. She was super nice and we left her with a prayer for which she was very grateful. We aren't teaching her, but she really needed a nice visit, and it was a good little experience for us as well.

Number 2. Saturday night none of our plans worked out, so we decided to go visit a less active member who has NEVER been home...He still wasn't home haha! But we were out in the area, so we started looking for a street to tract. We stumbled upon a little side street behind a huge building with a couple little homes. We started knocking those doors, and at one a young black man with huge dreadlocks we start talking and then he says, "I speak English so you can talk in English." Turns out he's from Nigeria and moved to France 11 years ago when he was picked up by a French choreographer. He is a dancer, singer, and actor. He was super welcoming and let us in to pray with him. He is Muslim, but doesn't have any strong beliefs. He knows there's a God, but isn't sure what religion is right. He has a lot of Christian friends that he's read the Bible with, so he's super open. He's married to a non-believing French woman and they have three young boys. We prayed with him and he was super happy about it, and he said he felt a strong peace and happiness, so we were able to testify of the Holy Ghost. He told us he would love to have us come over again, and gave us his number. It was such a cool miracle!

Now it's time...
Last week we met these two ladies on the street and when we contacted them they said that they had just been talking about Christ! We set up a rendez-vous with them and the husband of one of them. We show up to the rendez-vous and it turns out the husband is an old ami of Elder Godfrey. He studies the bible ALL THE TIME and runs his own prayer group and bible study class. He knows his bible incredibly well... So we get there and it turns into a bible bash and he kicked our butts! But we left them with a Restoration pamphlet and set up another rendez-vous. He read the pamphlet, and he studied... We show up there and jumps right into how the Priesthood isn't the Priesthood, it's just the power of God because Melchizedek was Jesus and Jesus and Heavenly Father are the same person. If I didn't have the truth I would have been convinced with the scriptures he used! Haha But fortunately we had the Spirit, and you can prove in the Bible that God and Jesus are different, and we did with the scriptures he used. I stumped him multiple times, but he would just quickly jump to another scripture. At the end we decided that the next time we would each have 15 minutes to explain the priesthood to each other without interruption. We will be meeting him in 4 hours and we will take the uninterrupted time not to bible bash, but to teach the Book of Mormon and finding out truth for ourselves. #cunningbutharmless! We seriously feel like Alma and Amulek contending against Zeezrom. We're pretty boss!

Love you all very much!
Elder Jorgensen

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