France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 29 --- Pierre-NicoLOVE... ;)

So this week, we went to Nantes for an exchange and then the next morning to a double zone conference in a town about 3 and 1/2 hours away called Rennes. At the zone conference we had trainings from our zone leaders, the Sister training leaders, the assistants to the president, and sister and president Babin. It was really long, but SO powerful! The spirit is always so strong when we are assembled as servants of the Lord. We focused on finding new investigators who will progress towards baptism. It was just an awesome day.

Also this week the weather has turned gorgeous! I'm going out in just my white shirt now. It's about 70 degrees, sun shining, no clouds, and a slight breeze....I just love it!

Now I am going to explain the subject line. Keep in mind that as a representative of Jesus Christ I can't lie...

So I told you guys about Annick the less active member. Well, we taught her again on Saturday with Pierre-Nicolas, a very awkward, but incredibly faithful and kind member in our ward. It was a great lesson, the spirit was there, and we explained the principles very well. At the end, Annick said she would be coming to church the next day. We found her a ride with an awesome couple in the ward, and the wife fellowshipped her and sat with her in Relief Society. Then the second hour was the gospel principles class. Pierre-Nicolas came in and sat with her during the lesson. Everything is going well and then we have sacrament meeting at the end. Again they are sitting next to each other while Elder Smith and I are in the row behind them. About halfway through I looked up at them and they were HOLDING HANDS!! It was so weird! They had met each other the day before for 30 minutes! It gets even weirder though, she's 51 a grandma and hasn't taken care of herself at all...(smoking, drinking, etc.) and he's 40 very awkward, and on the prowl...;) so now Elder Smith has deemed him Pierre-NicoLOVE. We are not sure how this is all going to go down, but you know, "C'est la vie!"

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