France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 10 --- Thanksgiving 2014 with Elder and Sister Fitt

Note from Mom:  I didn't receive the regular group mail, so I am posting the personal e-mail I received.

I got my birthday present from Sister Poznanski yesterday, and I'm totally going to open it before the 19th... haha!

Anyway for Christmas, this will sound weird, but I would love one of those collapsible back joke. Other than that not really, money is always nice so when I need something I can get it, but for right now I've got everything I need. 

I'll try and get some pictures from other missionaries/members.

Elder and Sister Fitt are amazing! I don't know if he does it for all the missionaries in our district, but he does it for the ones in La Rochelle. Sister Fitt is very much the "mom" type. In fact right now I'm drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. She always makes sure we have a snack during our emailing time. :) haha

Elder Godfrey and I don't have a ton in common, but we get along great. I couldn't ask for a better companion. Actually, this transfer ends next monday because they don't want a bunch of missionaries leaving on Christmas Eve or whatever. So, our next transfer will be 8 weeks instead of 6 to make up for it. A transfer usually lasts 6 weeks, but you don't necessarily change areas or companions each transfer. You have at least two transfers with your trainer in your area, and then I'll probably stay here in La Rochelle while he leaves because that will have been his 3rd transfer here. Elder Godfrey thinks I might be one of the missionaries that becomes a trainer on his third transfer, and if that happens I'd be here in La Rochelle for another 2 transfers. And we get the transfer roster on the first Monday of the transfer and then we leave (if we leave) the next day.

We keep our apartment clean. We do dishes after every meal, and we clean the bathroom/deep clean kitchen/vacuum/mop every P-Day.

Anyway, Love you lots!
Elder Jorgensen

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