France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 12

I sent some pictures of my apartment, our view, and me at the eiffel tour. The picture of the three elders was taken at district meeting (the numbers we are holding represent which transfer we are in, so it was cool to have 123) 

We've had some miracles this week that have been really awesome. I'd love to tell you about them, but unfortunately we are strapped for time again. It sufficeth to say that the Lord really does give us tender mercies (we got let in the last three nights doing Christmas contacting!)

Everything is going really well, and we've been invited over to members houses for Christmas Eve and Christmas. This week we have a Christmas conference in Paris with the area authority on Thursday which will be awesome!

Much thanks to the Burnetts, Sarah Beth/Dusty, and G-ma/G-pa for the christmas/birthday presents! They've been wonderful.

I'll write more next week!

Elder Jorgensen

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