France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 14

This week has been pretty awesome for three main reasons:

1. We got to spend Christmas and Christmas Eve with super cool members, and eat AMAZING food! One of the families gave each of us some cool socks and a really nice tie, and the other gave us these high quality pocket journals and some candy. But the coolest part was just having family to spend the Holidays with because these members really are like family.

2. On Monday night we got three awesome passbacks and a fourth the next night in the same neighborhood. And on Monday we got let in twice. One of them was a super cool, VERY catholic family. There's the mom, Sophie, and three boys from age 17 to about 13. We sang for them and prayed with them, and when we asked if we could come back they all said they would like to hear more!

3. I hit the thirty pound mark! I've lost thirty pounds already and they're still falling. Thankfully the giant sales start in a week or so, so I can get me a suit that doesn't make me look ridiculous! (the French style of suit is a lot more form fitting, so an American suit on someone who has lost a lot of weight is really funny to them haha)

Just as a final note, I gave myself my first haircut on Saturday. It looks pretty good....except for the small but noticeable chunk I took out on the back of my head ;) 

Anyway, I love you all, and I couldn't imagine doing anything more wonderful than serving the Lord right now.

Elder Jorgensen

Description of photos:

1) Our Christmas tree
2) Our district
3) A pic Elder Godfrey took of the old port in La Rochelle at night
4) The pic of the three elders is: Elder Wood(my trainer's trainer, so my grandpa), Elder Godfrey, and me

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