France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 102 --- And so it ends . . .

This last week we met up with Renna and Roland (a Syrian lady who's been here for a couple years and her "adoptive dad" from her church here) we had given them the Book of Mormon the week before and Roland had read til Alma! It was harder for Renna considering French isn't her native tongue. So when we showed up today we talked about the Restoration with them and Renna's sister Marie who just got to Belgium 3 months ago. (She's trying to get papers here for her two daughters and husband who are still in Syria). The spirit was super strong throughout the whole lesson and even though Marie didn't understand everything you could tell she was touched by the Spirit. We gave them soft baptismal invites and they accepted but said they were really going to search to have a testimony for themselves. It was my last teaching appointment of my mission and it couldn't have gone better!  Then this Sunday we were heading to church but we missed our bus, so as we were waiting for a member to come pick us up guess who walks right by us....Renna and Marie! They were heading to church but the bus didn't pass by the normal stop for them so they were just walking around and they ran into us so we had the members take them to church and we took the next bus (which luckily got us there before church started). They absolutely loved church and can't wait to come back! They even came to our family home evening tonight! But it wasn't really a fhe....the members turned it into a giant dinner/party for our depart because Elder Andersøn is getting transferred as well. They even made us cheesecake and sang a couple French goodbye songs for us......I really hate being the center of attention! Haha :)

All in all this last week has been a pretty great way to end my mission.

I've learned these past two years that my Savior lives, he is my best friend. Our Father in Heaven is real and he loves us with a truly perfect and infinite love. This gospel permits ANYONE to change and to receive the wonderful blessings Heavenly Father has in store for us.  This church is His instrument in preaching the gospel, perfecting the saints, and redeeming the dead and it has been restored in our day by the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know all these things through the magnificent power of the Holy Ghost and if you haven't had these truths confirmed to you I plead with you to search for that confirmation with all your heart.

I can't wait to see you all again and express my love in person :)



Us eating at Claudette and Emmanuel's house.  Yannick is super adorable right?!  Also I made those cookies and they were delicious;)

Funny advertisement for Bicky sauce and Anderson after he found out we are getting whitewashed.

District meeting pictures and Elder Merritt being stiff fingered by Nord and Grayston.

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