France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 86 - Miracles: They just keep coming!

Well I'd like to talk about 4 miracles among many that happened this week:
That stupid baby has been giving her and us problems for weeks! Haha jk...but seriously though ;) On Wednesday Nathaniel Moukthard was born. The bishop went and visited them and apparently Samra said that she wanted to get baptized as soon as possible! :)  dunk'em we're going to be visiting them tomorrow.
2. We got back in contact with Daniel!
We were finally able to see Daniel again (it had been about 2 weeks) and we had a great lesson with him. He's going through a lot of challenges right now, and he told us how every time he wanted to meet with us, pray, or read the ​Book of Mormon it felt like Satan kept throwing stuff in his way. We promised him that that was normal and that he could overcome these problems, by doing those things that seemed difficult to do. We got the first serious commitment on his part to read the BoM, and we hope to see some real progress.
3. Someone called us back from a contacting card!
So at the beginning of the week I contacted a young lady who was pretty busy, but she was willing to take our card. Well a couple days later we get a call from Naomi who says, "I talked with you a couple days ago and I'm really interested to learn more about your church" 😳 Seriously!? So we meet up with her, and she says that since she moved to France (she's African) she has been drifting away from God, and she is looking for a church to join so that she can get closer to God. We explained our role as missionaries and the blessings of our message.  We did a church tour, and when we got to the baptismal font we explained the power, relief, and beauty of baptism. The spirit was there so strong and you could tell she was touched. As we finished our appointment the sisters showed up so we introduced them to her. They hit it off super well and they'll be starting the lessons this week! I have the feeling she'll be dunked very soon ;)
4. Saint Raphael is becoming Mormon ;)
So I contacted a man whose name is literally Saint-Raphael...#Africans! 😎  He's super believing, grew up catholic but now visits whatever church he wants. He just loves God! He's in his early 20's and from Central Africa. We've already taught him twice this week and he came to church! He also has read the intro and testimonies in the BoM! He's totally awesome, and loves taking pictures, so I'll be attaching some selfies he asked us to take at  church :) haha Plus, at church he has already started to make friends.  Dieu est grand! (God is great)
Much love!

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