France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 85 - Hi . . . I can't think of a good subject line . . . sorry

So last week was transfers, I'm still in Evry. My new companion is Elder Tarbet from Virginia. We were bleus in the same district...a LONG time ago haha :) He's one transfer ahead of me and awesome! He was just comps with my old comp Elder Smith (who was the one who taught me what kind of missionary I wanted to be) so we already have a good feel for how the other one works.
Elder Long and I were in a rough spot as far as the work goes, but since Tarbet's been here we've found 11 new amis and taught over 25 lessons! Haha It's incredible!! :)
We had a conference this week in Versailles with President Uchtdorf!!!! All of the Paris stakes were invited so I saw some members from Le Havre as well as a ton of mission buddies I hadn't seen in a while. Pres. And Sis. Uchtdorf were SUPER funny haha :) as well as super spiritual. President Uchtdorf talked a lot about the temple and us being worthy of a current temple recommend (CTR) the acronym is pretty good right ;). He talked about how there are three signatures on the recommend to serve as witnesses, and he told us that his was a little funny because his signature is on their (like everyone) as well as the signature of the First Presidency, so he had to sign it twice haha ;) Then he talked about love for neighbors and the refugee situation in Europe. It was a thrilling experience to be in such close proximity to a prophet of God!
I would like to share a story about a family we found. So me and Tarbet were out contacting all the frères and sœurs (africans) and as we were on the way back to the train to head home and I see this lady and it was one of those times where the spirit just takes control. I found myself running over to her and stopping her right before she crossed the street. I contacted her and she asks if I speak English, obviously I do so I explain who me and my comp are and she says I need to head home right now (she was carrying groceries). Well obviously we offer to carry her groceries for her and so we start talking as we walk the couple minutes to her house. Her name is Marion and she's from Nigeria, her and her husband are both Christian and would love to hear about our message. We get to her apartment and we sit down with her and her husband and share a little bit about who we are and what we do. The husband was super excited to find out that our church was just 20 minutes away (he had been traveling 1 1/2 hours each way to a church in Paris). We fixed another appointment and thus we found a new family to teach.
We also went to an activity for the young adults this week. We played a French game called loup-garou (werewolf) which is similar to "mafia", basketball, ping-pong, and of course there was a spiritual thought ;) It was great because one of the members brought a friend, and a less-active member came too!
Voilà! My email! Lots of Love!

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