France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 72 --- What a Glorious Week!

After Bronson sent this group e-mail, he sent me another quick e-mail letting me know he is being transferred to Evry (a suburb of Paris) instead of Mulhouse.

I just found out because a bleu got reassigned to a stateside mission, I'll be filling his place in Évry (near Paris) and I won't be in a threesome... (A lot of missionaries call it that actually;))

Tuesday 9 Feb-- Today we had our last district meeting of the transfer. It was super fun as usual (pics will be sent separately) and then we took the train back with the Sisters (they wanted to take funny selfies, so you'll get some of those too). But the coolest thing was our appointment this afternoon with the Noel's. We talked about church and they said they really liked it and they wanted to come again. Then we told them our goal in meeting with them wasn't to just answer all their questions and teach our doctrines, they can come to church and look on for that. Our goal is to see them sealed as a family in the temple, and as missionaries we help them get through the first step, baptism. We asked them if that was something they would like to do, and they both said that would be something they could see themselves doing. We then shared the Mormon Message "Waiting on Our Road to Damascus" by President Uchtdorf. Go watch it ;) Brice is very similar to the man featured in the video, and his wife turned and grinned at him whenever the man spoke and Brice was like "I guess I'm not the only one like that haha". (I'm pretty sure I saw the beginnings of a tear come to this manly guy ;) ). We testified that if they made the commitment to the Lord they wouldn't regret it, and then committed them to read the Book of Mormon TOGETHER every night and pray as a family every night. Then Paul started crying and being fussy (he's been sick for the past couple weeks), I felt impressed to ask his mom (this is the third time I've seen her and I've NEVER done this before) if she would like us to give him a priesthood blessing. She was really excited and said yes. So with Brice holding Paul we gave him a blessing. He was freaking out the entire time because he didn't feel good and we had our hands on him. I promised that he would be healed in a couple of days, and right before I finished the words "be calm" came out of my mouth. As soon as I finished he was perfectly calm, happy, and took the Book of Mormon from his mom and started looking at the pictures and repeating the names HIS PARENTS told him, Joseph, Jesus, Moroni. :) It was a powerful experience.
Wednesday 10 Feb-- Today we got the coolest text from the Noel's...
Good evening,
Emilie and I have decided to only frequent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints...
We no longer want to resist the Holy Ghost and that which is obvious of this choice: Christ.
We said how happy we were and then he responded:
It was the engagement of my wife that kept me from progressing... Goes to show how truly important the family is ;)
We are now praying to fix a date for our double baptism.
Thank you
We both just freaked out!!! We couldn't believe it!
Thursday we got another text....
Good evening,
Just for your information after prayers, introspection, and long discussions, we have made a DEFINITIVE decision about the baptism...
The turd left us hanging like that, so we asked what the decision was :) haha
We have decided that we will be baptized together Saturday May 14th. We are in agreement with the beliefs of the church and want to live from now on as Christians. We don't want to wait any more "on the road to Damascus" ;)
And like I said: this decision is DEFINITIVE.
He then asked if we would baptize them.....My heart dropped and I had to say the saddest thing ever "Unfortunately I'll be leaving this Wednesday". That night as Rollins and I talked I realized how much I truly love this family, and I felt like they were the reason I was called to France.
Thursday we also ate lunch with Sister Lefebvre and Brother Paporé. She made three different types of mousse for dessert after a large was lunch....haha but it was SOOO good!
Saturday we had the baptism for Joshua Passavant. It was a super spiritual meeting and we were asked to stand in the circle for his confirmation. I have pictures of us cleaning and testing the font the day before ;) haha that was fun.
Sunday the Noel's were at church and we had great talks. I had to give my parting testimony (which was super sad because I absolutely love this branch so much, it's probably my favorite so far) because....I'm going to Mulhouse which is right next to Germany. It's a ward there with 140 members.....I'm so scared! I don't know how to act in a big ward! Haha. Also, I'm going to be in a trio for at least six weeks with Elders Bennett and Moore.....that'll be super weird!

(Monday the 15th) we took some time out of P-Day to go say goodbye to the Noel's . We told them that after about 6 weeks the missionaries are going to run out of things to teach them, and that they'll be ready for baptism earlier than they think. Haha! Then I said goodbye. I barely got out the, "I love you so much" before the tears started coming. Emilie was crying too and Brice was trying to be manly so he kept them in haha, but all of us felt the Spirit so strongly I can't even explain how beautiful the moment was. I jokingly told Brice that I loved him even though he made me cry multiple times(that part wasn't the joke) which Emilie thought was hilarious :)

I'm truly going to miss all the people here in Le Havre and in my district here. These last three transfers will be hard to beat ;)

Much loves to all!

Elder Bronson Jorgensen


Emilie, Paul, Brice and I.  I love this family so much!!  Paul loves showing off his toys ;) haha

After climbing the 190 stairs up to Sister Lefebvre's house . . . yes we counted . . .

View from the top!

Yes that's my DL with his tongue out in the last one . . . Haha :)
Also I promise Sister Poznanski is more intelligent than her upside number suggests ;)

We don't know what Sister Spencer was doing with her hair ...#crazybutcool

What happens when I actually decide to cook . . . Double Burgers!!!

Our celebratory pic after the texts from the Noel's ;) haha

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  1. We 'll give you a yarn twisting . 😂But it is more interesting when it's not easy ... It is a pleasure and a real blessing to have you in our lives. See you soon! 😉Emy