France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 71 --- The Balm in Gilead

So this week was a ton better than last week. Tuesday we had a finding day in Le Havre. After our district meeting here, all 5 companionship so stayed here until like 6:00 and just contacted like crazy. We got 3 new investigators and a lot of potentials. I worked with Elder Larsen and Elder George. So funny story, my last week as DL when I was calling the sisters they asked if they could do anything to help me out. Jokingly, I said bring me tacos at district meeting...well today Sister Poznanski shows up with a taco kit for me...

Later that night ;) haha!

Thursday---So during our district meeting on Tuesday we get a text from Brice Noel. (Remember the guy that definitively dropped us?) He said that we probably think he's a crazy person, or at least very indecisive, but he AND HIS WIFE have been feeling the impression that they need to come to our church at least once! We testified that it was Heavenly Father speaking through the Holy Ghost and set an appointment to show them both the church and answer some questions they had about tithing. So today they show up and we show them around. They were both incredibly impressed at how beautiful, simple and practical the building was, but most importantly when we showed the baptismal font they were impressed by the fact that it was below the ground (to help with the symbolism of the death and burial) and they seemed excited as we explained how we baptize. Then we sat down and talked about tithing because he had asked if a man needed to pay the full ten percent in order to receive the Aaronic priesthood (which means he's thinking about his life as a member ;) ). We explained that to be baptized everyone needed to commit to pay a full tithe, and then testified of the blessings that come from obedience to that law. We left them with the pamphlet on tithing and fast offerings, and they said (without our encouraging) they would pray about that and the restoration! We got a text later this week saying that they completely understand and accept the doctrine of tithing! Later Thursday we went to dinner with our branch mission leader at the home of a less active we visit. That was pretty fun as well.

Sunday--- They all came to sacrament meeting! Brice, his wife Emilie and their son Paul were there for our fast and testimony meeting. They said they really liked it, and they said they wanted to meet with us on Tuesday as a family! The Lord really tried my faith these last couple weeks, but He more than made up for it. This is such a beautiful family and I'm sure they will be baptized in the next few months.

Sorry this wasn't very long, but I want to leave you with my testimony. I testify that our Heavenly Father knows and loves us perfectly, and because of that He gives us trials and tests that are always for our benefit. I know my Savior because of my struggles, and I know that through our own individual trials we can all come to know our Savior if we will but search for Him. There is a Balm in Gilead, and He provides the sweetest, purest, and most lasting comfort and healing imaginable. As one of His authorized representatives I bear you this witness. He lives. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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