France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 32 --- Dunkerque!!

So I'm here in Dunkerque now! My area is SOOOO tiny. It's significantly smaller than St. George. I'm with Elder Alvarez from Guatemala. He's a convert of about a year and a half. It's been interesting so far because he doesn't speak a lot of English, and his French isn't the greatest either, but we're working on both of those. :) The branch here in Dunkerque has about 18 members that come regularly. It is the weirdest feeling being in Priesthood and not even filling up a little room, but there is a lot of faith in these members. Oh and I get to give a talk next Sunday because it's the missionary's turn. I'll be speaking every 4 or 5 weeks for the next couple transfers. It's really exciting here though because the week before I got here they baptized someone and yesterday I stood in the circle and confirmed him. His name is Mike and he's a 19 year old pro soccer player from Haiti. So the story for this week was quite an adventure. When I got here we had just received a media referral that hadn't been checked out yet. So Elder Alvarez and I go to check it out. We took a bus as far as it went towards the city this person lived in (about 30 minutes) then we have to walk for legitimately an hour and 15 minutes on a road through the middle of fields. We passed maybe 4 houses. finally get to the town where this guy lives, and... he moved :( but it was an interesting trip though. (The walk back felt a lot longer haha)

Love you all! 

Elder Jorgensen

View from my apartment

Last photo with Elder and Sister Fitt

Up close photo of safflower fields from our "adventure".

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