France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 34 --- I No Longer Like Happy Meals . . .

So this week was pretty good. Yesterday we ate at a member's house. He is a really nice old guy named Jean-Paul, but he's not all there. Anyway this is the meal "he" made for us (I had to cook pretty much everything or else it would have burned): a pork chop cooked in a stick of melted butter without seasoning, about a pound each of frozen french fries cooked in oil that I think he leaves in the pot after each time he makes them, and a small can of peas and carrots. Afterward I felt like I was going to have a heart-attack, and I'm pretty sure my cholesterol level doubled. But he loves the missionaries and it was nice spending time with him while he showed us all of his photo albums of past missionaries.

We also taught this potential investigator that was found about a month ago. Her name is Myriam. She is a young mom and she really loves God and wants her kids to grow up with religion in their lives. 

So this week we had exchanges with our district leader. His name is Elder Gaule and he's from London. Super cool guy! So all four of us were eating dinner together and Elder Guale suggested we do a food challenge. The challenge was eat an entire happy meal (burger fries drink and dessert) in the shortest amount of time possible. Elder Guale (who eats like a freaking shark!) finished it all in 1min 9sec. I was second at 1min 30sec and Elder Nord (Elder Guale's companion) finished in 1min 54sec. Elder Alvarez just sat and laughed at us :) That was probably the second most disgusting meal I've had in France, right behind Jean-Paul's :) haha

Love you!
Elder Jorgensen

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