France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 21 --- My brain is dead........... *drool*.......

I have never had a week this exhausting. Elder Smith and I have been working like crazy, and there have also been some weird/frustrating moments to make it even more tiring. Nevertheless, it's the most rewarding work I'll ever do. So this week I will speak of three "amis" in particular and one crazy person.

Ami #1 Béatrice
           We met Beatrice porting and she was super excited to talk with us! She has a ton of faith, and is willing to listen to our message and then she asks great questions! We're teaching her tonight with a member in the ward and it's going to be super cool!

Ami #2 Emine 
           So we taught Emine and her two kids Clara (14) Nicholas (11) about God and Prayer. It was such a funny time because we were stumbling over our French and Clara can understand English but can't speak. It was just a fun rendezvous, plus they said we could come teach them more.

Ami #3 Mbuta
           Mbuta is an old ami from a couple years ago that is friends with a member of the ward. This week we were able to set a baptismal date for the 22nd of March! That's amazing because he hasn't progressed at all with any of the other missionaries here. Unfortunately the law of chastity is a problem... During one rendezvous a woman walked out of his bedroom in just a about awkward!!!

Crazy Person Daniel
           We called Daniel while going through potentials in our phone and he was super excited to talk about God with us. So, we went over there and he read for like 5 minutes out of some weird Armenian bible and then told us about all of his problems. He smokes cigarettes and pot, drinks, does cocaine and heroin occasionally and has a masturbation problem. Also, he has a virgin fiancée in Armenia who he can't marry because of his psychiatric problems. It's safe to say.... we are going to go see him this week! He really has a desire to change his life and he has a ton of faith, and he is one of the nicest guys ever.

One last thing, this last week I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting. I had enough notes to give me 2 minutes of talking time... I took almost 15 minutes. The spirit seriously helped me out and I was able to give a great talk (according to the members) on "our eternal families."

Love you all!
Elder Jorgensen

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