France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 16 Weirdest...Week...Ever

So I have to be super quick because we're going to a cool ville called Saintes with the Fitt's to do some sight-seeing.

First three days...nothing at all! No lessons, nada. Wednesday night we had a dinner rendez-vous with Romana and Miley (Less active and non member rugby players). We thought it would be at their house, but no, it was at an asian buffet. If that wasn't weird enough they brought three of their buddies with them. Let's just say there wasn't anything spiritual about that evening. We weren't even able to give a spiritual thought. We felt HORRIBLE after! It's not fun to "hang out with the boys" as a missionary. Then we asked Miley if he would like to start the lessons with us and he said no. Also that night we heard about the first shooting that happened in Paris. It was just devastatingly sad. 

The next day we had an amazing rendez-vous with a super cool lady named Elsa. A couple days prior she had called us and said she had gotten a card from some missionaries a couple months ago and she wanted to learn more! We taught her the Restoration and it went really well. She actually has friends from Utah (some of which are members) and lately in her life she's been searching for a church that had truth. She had tried the Catholic, some Protestant, but hadn't found what she was looking for (until now! haha). And we set up another meeting and she said she would come to church. After that we had to go to the train station to pick up tickets for tonight and tomorrow (I have to go into Paris to do my first year legality stuff). While there someone misplaced a package in the station and with what was going on they cleared out the building to check it (it wasn't a bomb). we were walking out of the building Anselem rode up on his bike literally right in front of us on his way to work! He apologized that he had been kind of flaky, and we set up an appointment for this week! 

This Sunday was ward conference and it was AWESOME! Had some of the coolest lessons and talks and had a little meal thing after. Romana and Miley showed up to church again which was super surprising, but still cool! Then we got the saddest news ever... the stake president called Elder Fitt to be a branch president in another ville because the old branch president just quit and the rest of the branch has kind of disintegrated. So the Fitt's will be leaving La Rochelle sometime soon. It's really hard because they're like another set of parents for me and Elder Godfrey. But the Lord knows what He's doing and it's all for the best.

Got to run! Love you all!
Elder Jorgensen

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