France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 96 ---Six More Weeks

So just a quick update about what's been going on these last two weeks.

We had this pretty cool experience where we were out contacting in this town about 20 minutes from Namur thinking it was a decent sized town..... Well in about 2 hours of contacting we had talked to about 6 people.... It was pretty dead. So we were on our way back to the station and we see this middle-aged guy carrying a really heavy looking bag. Well Anderson contacts him like normal meanwhile I notice that the bag is filled with beer.....great..... But we talked a little bit and he thought it was weird that we were here in this tiny town to talk about Jesus, so we offered to help him carry his bag back home (seriously it was heavy for me and Anderson and we are big guys). We talk as we walk back and Hugues is catholic but not too practicing and he just recently moved here from Brussels. So we get to his house finally and he says that to thank us the least he can do is listen to our message. We talked briefly about Joseph Smith's story and testified. When we asked if he thought it'd be possible to have prophets on the earth today he said, "Definitely. You two came all the way over here for two years, so you must know it's true." We prayed with him and after the prayer he had tears in his eyes and he said he felt lighter and happier than he has in a long time. Then he invited us to come over and eat dinner and share more of our message after he got back from vacation, so we'll be seeing him this coming week!!
We catered a wedding....

Haha So what happened is that Ruben the RM in our ward got married and they wanted to have a reception at the church for all the members. The bishop accordingly volunteered us to help set up. We were thinking that meant tables, chairs, maybe some decorations, you know normal stuff. So we show up at like 9 the morning of the reception with sister Chung (our WML's wife who also happens to be a chef at a Chinese restaurant), frere Chung and Claudine. We're wearing our service clothes (for like the twentieth time this transfer I feel like) and we set up tables, decorations, and serving dishes and then we eat lunch that they brought for all of us. Then sis Chung says,"Ok now let's get to work!" I'm really confused and before I know it I'm making hors d'oeuvres (which is a French term but the French say apperatif instead, weird huh?) and preparing giant hot dishes for all the food she has. By the time we finish it's like 30 minutes before people are going to start showing up, so sis Chung gives a crash course on serving food at a buffet line! I guess we're staying for the whole thing! We finally get out of there and home by 9:30 just feeling super confused as to what had just happened.... But we got some dope candid pics of the couple before the reception ;)

Then we had finding days in our DL's area and here in Namur. They both went super well! We got quite a few new investigators and potentials and I got the chance to work with my good friend Elder Nord a ton the two days. (Don't remember if I mentioned but Elder Nord is like my best friend in the mission and we were in the same district in Dunkerque and now he's in the district here)  We held our district meeting on our finding day, and because getting to our church takes too long we had it in our apartment!! That was really weird having the 8 of us in here for a meeting haha :)
We found out transfers for my last transfer! I'll be staying here in Namur...and so will Elder Anderson!! We are both confused (because when I die that will have been 4 transfers here for him) but really excited. He's a great guy! Also Elder Larsen (who was in my district in Le Havre and another one of my great friends) is coming up to Brussels to be our ZL! It'll be super dope! Also two of the elders in our district will be training so we'll have a district with two people staring their missions and me....the guy who's got one foot in the grave (according to Elder Anderson haha)

I'm super excited to start this final push to the end. It still weirds me out thinking that I'll be home in six weeks, but all good things have an end....except the gospel, the family, God's love for us, the power of the Atonement....ok well not all good things have ends, but you know what I mean ;) haha
Also a quick shoutout to my stud of a little brother! Keaton leaves this Wednesday for the MTC and then off to Mendoza, Argentina he goes.  I'm super proud of him and his desire to serve the Lord. May we all remember who we serve and try with all our souls to follow His perfect example.
Love you guys!


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