France Paris Mission 2014-2016

Week 67 --- Happy New Year!

Well this was a pretty cool week... We got a ton of potentials because we had a ton of time to just work, but the coolest thing was our lesson with Brice. Saturday we met with him and during the week he had been asking some intense questions because he knows EVERYTHING haha! Like he has an lds account (did you know nonmembers could make one? Because I didn't until he told us he did!) and all he does is work and study the gospel apparently :) He was asking about how if God was a man like us (we didn't tell him that) then he would have had to be created but it says in Moses (yes he reads in the pearl of great price) that God is without beginning of days or end of years. Then he was asking about how doctrine is revealed that changes doctrine in the Bible and Book of Mormon by prophets (for example polygamy God having a body, etc), so we had to explain the clarifying aspect of revelation and how it never changes the doctrine. Anyway, so with all that going on throughout the week when we get there we were kind of nervous and unsure about where it was going to go. We started out by sharing Jacob 4:8 which explains that we can't know all the mysteries of God, which led us into faith. We taught about faith and the other aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ. After we finished we felt to ask him to fix a date for his baptism as a goal to work towards as he continues to search for his testimony of Joseph Smith. He was excited and he felt the 19th of March would give him enough time to come to church at least 5 or 6 times (he works Sundays from time to time) which was perfect because that's the date we were feeling. So even though I'll be gone Brice has a baptismal date!

This Saturday we also got transfer news. I'll be staying in Le Havre to finish training Elder Rollins. There is one difference though, during confidentiality reports I told the ZL's that I felt it would be better for Elder Rollins and the area (we have NOT been seeing very much success this transfer) if I wasn't the District Leader anymore. We were spending too much time out of our area, and I wasn't able to do all of the training lessons each week. So, this transfer my good buddy Elder Larsen in Rouen (weird face kid that I taught to drive stick haha) will be the DL.

Much loves!



Us killing sister Brazeal....

Us trying to do a serious face pic...Elder Harris said something stupid...
Serious face pic...Elder Rollins didn't get the memo...
After we killed Sister Brazeal...
Another attempt at a funny pic. Elder Larsen is flipping off the
camera (an inside joke with me and him) so I'll let you decide if you
want to send that out to everyone ;) haha

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